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That's being a little melodramatic isn't it? More slots are nice but a few weeks isn't really going to bother people that much while BW finish sorting out consolidation issues?

You've got to give them some leeway - fair enough, they didn't grant them to us at the same time but they were only granted as a solution to fix the server merge issues they were facing, it's not like they set out introduce a great new feature and leave us hanging - though US companies, particularly entertainment companies are frequently guilty of this and so even though it's not intended to slight us, it does still rather obviously hit a sore spot BW.
the whole suffering part is indeed a bit... overboard, but what I want fixed is the population issue. Once that it set right, I feel like I can back into TOR (even if I'm still paying monthly, I don't really play cause of the queue wait time) and play the game for real.