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Precisely! Its those Ultra-Faceroll tanks Ive been talking about earlier. haha They think they are ******, they just dont realize they are totally OP and theres other tank classes out there that actually require S.K.I.L.L.!!!!!! lol
Whilst I agree that shadow tanks are very easy, as I don't have any other tanks I'm unaware as to how other tanks have it harder.

All tanks get the same threat modifier meaning that holding threat on a single target is exceptionally easy. All tanks get single target taunt plus AoE taunt on same cooldowns to make tank swopping exceptionally easy. All tanks get guard......

Only thing I was aware of that shadows had easier was our AoE aggro via the skill "slow time", but 1.3 aimed to fix that. Still, every single boss in this game is single target aggro so shadows have no advantage there.
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