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Look at it another way. Once you have full rakata what do you do? progress into HM's.
Its to encourage gear progression and to get you to be motivated enough to step into HM's.

Just because you don't understand something doesn't make it stupid.
Player hits 50. Does some HMs and sm ops to gear up. Gets to columi doing those.

Then, once geared enough, moves to the hard mode ops, then to SM EC. If the whole guild's gearing at the same time, by the time they're comfy with SM EC, the player in question will not only be in full rakata, but will have multiple black hole pieces to complement that. If the whole guild's not gearing at the same time, well, the player in question will get all drops for his class, meaning, very likely the same thing.

Leaving TfB dropping nothing of value for anyone.

Understanding something that doesn't make sense doesn't make you smart.