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I totally agree 9/10 when people say they are looking for a dps, heals, or tank they usually have this posted after it " Must be geared know the fights". How is it that in order for me to do an op like EC I must have the gear it drops and must know the fights. I don't get people's tolerance level for "first timers" so to say is way too low.
Gear is not an excuse anymore. The ability to farm BH comms at will, the ease to get Columi, dailys etc etc etc and add into this the fact that some pvp pieces (relics mostly) are BiS and you have an almost uncomparable ease of gearing.

Asto new players getting into raid content, well isn't that what guilds and friends are for? I am assuming this is a MMo right?

Honestly this whole groupfinder idea is a cancer on MMO's.Yes it's great for convienience but thats about it really.

That being said, I really don't give a damn whether or not SM EC makes it onto the GF list. I won't be running it , at all. I have 4 toons geared to a rakata + standard which is mroe than good enough to run TFB HM and SM.