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I'm lukewarm to this idea. I see the point of only wanting experienced people who know the fights. But everyone has to learn at some point too. I have been a 50 for some time and only have played KP maybe 3 times and EV once. It's not that I haven't wanted to, I just am not part of an active guild that raids a lot. The problem I find is always the leaders forming ops via messaging in general chat only want geared people (full or partial Rakata) who know the fights. But you can't get geared with Rakata if you haven't been in the ops before- kind of a chicken-egg problem. I find the group finder rarely pops for a full group in SM KP or EV, (at least for DPS) thus my limited experience.

I have been playing HM flashpoints a lot but am not getting past Columi gear...I think I need operations for that. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Anyway, my opinion is that limiting HM ops in the group finder to those who've completed it X number of times in SM just means there will be fewer and fewer people playing HM as time goes on- given that even experienced players do get tired of the game and move on.
I totally agree 9/10 when people say they are looking for a dps, heals, or tank they usually have this posted after it " Must be geared know the fights". How is it that in order for me to do an op like EC I must have the gear it drops and must know the fights. I don't get people's tolerance level for "first timers" so to say is way too low.
If theres one thing SWTOR taught me about PvP is don't hope don't ever hope just start building up your tolerance level.