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The Empire Threatens to Assault the Bridge of Juran Crossroads!

On Sept. 29th @ 8:00pm The Empire will set up a blockade and eliminate any Republic Citizen who dares cross the Bridge of Juran Crossroads (Thank you PAX Republica for providing this location!) on the planet of Alderaan! Any Republic who is foolish enough to cross this bridge will be adequately dealt with!

  • Location: 1197, 183 Map and a View of the Bridge
  • Spawn Points: Random
  • Objective: Occupy both Bridges and maintain control of both bridges until 9:30pm est. If both bridges are not occupied by a single faction by 9:30pm est sharp, the first faction who has domination of both bridges will be declared the victor.
  • Date: Sept 29th @ 8:00pm - 9:30pm est.

Spawn Points are random, depending on which end of the bridge you die on. The respawn locations are approx. 1:20 seconds per side. See ya there!

Here are some other photo's of the area, just to help familiarize you with the location, compliments of PAX Republica! Thanks again, guys!
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