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I have been leveling most of my alts by playing PvP and just class quests. I have the legacy bonus exp for PvP so its not too slow. The daily is VERY worth it for leveling. I just generally enjoy PvP and feel like I know my class even better than when I leveled my main or 2nd alt. The challenge of playing against actual players forces you to really use your array of abilities instead of getting in a consistent easy mob killing rotation.

I usually go through the whole prologue doing all the quests on the starting planets and Coruscant/Dromund Kaas. After doing that do all the space missions and then PvP until I feel like taking care of my class quests on the next planet. It gives me a good boost to easily go through the class quests. The only downside is eventually when you get between 30-40 you feel really undergeared unless you do FPs, which helps keep your gear up to date.
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