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You don't get what I mean. People should make a choice when choosing an adv class. Do you want a jetpack or heavy armor? Then pick the Powertech. Do you want two blasters or a good healer/DPSer? Then pick a Mercenary. I chose the Powertech because I liked the heavy armor. You chose the Merc because of the healing and DPSing. If you start turning a class to 1 thing, then there wouldn't be a point at making a choice.

So you want each class to be able to equip all kinds of weapons. Then what's the point of choosing a class?
Mercenaries already HAVE a jetpack. Recharge and Reload, Death From Above - these both use the jetpack and are Bounty Hunter abilities available to both classes. Yes, Powertechs get that jetpack charge ability, and that should stay solely theirs.

A jetpack disengage, however, is sorely needed for the Mercenary and would fit very well. Personally, I wouldn't see it as one that has him firing the blasters, that'd be weird. But just a quick jet back to get you out of range, maybe something that breaks targeting - that'd be good.