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09.24.2012 , 03:58 PM | #183
I begged for a month to have my character moved to a populated server. I know people that have been transfered. Apparently I am not good enough for them to transfer me. I have moved on to another MMO that actually has alot of players on my server. I do miss my SWTOR, but I have put my foot down. Subscription cancelled, I will not pay SWTOR to tell me they can not help me with the problems created by SWTOR. Final straw for me was fighting in only four warzones in a five hour time frame.

Here are my well organized questions. Why has the ability to tranfer players been thrown out? Why will you not allow your subscribers to transfer characters? Do you at least plan to allow characters to share legacy and mail since so many people have been forced to reroll if they actually want more then a one player RPG? Whatever happened to " the customer is always right"? Why have so many fans been ignored to the point of running them out of the game? What exactly are your issues as to not being able to help out your fans? Are you going broke? Do the developers just not care? Are you lacking manpower to make these things happen? Is the game programming itself just to difficult for you to change? I am very curious as to what the hold up is. Is it some CEO telling you " trust me, this will work"?
Do us a favor and treat us like adults for just a few minutes. Just tell us why you refuse to help us with certain in game problems. As it is, you appear to either not care about us. Maybe its just lazyness. The more I speculate, the more I want a good explanation for the fact that so many of my friends who loved the game quit recently.