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The Hands of Darkness

The First European based Sith roleplay guild for SW:ToR

"Without strife, your victory has no meaning. Without strife, you do not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."

"Treachery is the way of the Sith."

There are many rumours and myths around the secret order that is ĎThe Hands of Darknessí. Once they were a secret cabal that existed within the dark corners of the galaxy. Now they serve the Empire openly, though any mention of their name is met with hushed whispers of a group that still remains secretive to the larger Empire. It is never truly known who is an open follower of their cause and even their leaders often openly deny any involvement.

The exact time when the brotherhood was first created is shrouded in mystery however itís speculated that this incarnation of the Hands came into being during the Great War. During that war the Hands of Darkness saw many Imperial leaders and members boost their ranks all from different corners of the mighty Sith Empire, but all united in one common goal; destruction of the light side of the Force and the total annihilation of the Jedi Order. Yet even though they serve the Empire Their true allegiance is not to the Emperor but to the Dark side of the Force, doing only itís biddingÖ

During the height of the Great War the Hands of Darkness helped destroy many strategic targets, even aiding when it came to seize Coruscant in the final push. But when the Emperor decided to halt the war and sign a treaty with Republic. an act that would leave the Imperials in the Hands of Darkness outraged. Now that the war was over the Hands of Darkness once again retreated back into the shadows plotting and preparing to finish that which should have been finished during the war. Their loyalty to the Emperor was even more tenuous than before but as long as they feel Emperor does the bidding of Dark side they shall support his rule, seeing him as a necessary figure head of the Dark Side..

For more information on our IC lore please follow this link

OOC Who we are?: We are a Mature European Sith Roleplay guild for the MMORPG Star Wars; The Old Republic.

What was once a community for Sith Roleplayers (The Sith Council) rapidly became the basis for the first Sith Based EU Rp Guild formed exclusively for Star Wars: The Old Republic by Darth Derriphan (England) and Darth Mynock (Netherlands). Both experienced and enthusiastic Sith RPers who had both lead guilds, Role-played as Sith previously in games such as Star Wars Galaxies and shared a love and passion for all aspects of the Dark side of the Force.

Over the years since the announcement of the Hands of Darkness formation, the guild has grown at a vast rate with dedicated members joining the leadership and filling officer positions. We now have a solid core-member base all dedicated to the Sith cause and offering a true and dark Imperial Role-play experience.

It is now our aim to became known for quality RP and be the leading Sith guild on the Server we choose to play on at the release of the SW:TOR.

For more on our OOC history please follow this link


How Can I join?: The Hands are open to all who show they are willing to act maturely, roleplay well, learn the Sith ways.

To join please visit our Guild forum and fill out an application, there it will be reviewed by the the heads of the guild.

Whilst primarily based in the EU we do accept non-EU members. Any player of Star Wars: The Old Republic can choose to play on any server outside of their own region (i.e., Ė playing on European servers from North America, and vice versa).

Will you PVP?:While we are primarily a hardcore RP guild we do not disallow our members to participate in PvP activities, as the very tenants of the Sith encourage our members show superiority anyway they can, be this through devious political manipulations or blood shed.

Language requirements?:IC: We speak primarily in Basic, occasionally using ancient Sith words. OOC: We are mostly English speaking but due to the wide variety of languages that spread across across Europe we do not discriminate and accept English is not a first language for all.

What are the Ranks/sections within the Guild?: Whilst there is only one singular rank progression within the Hands of Darkness, we do openly recruit all Classes within the Empire. Within the guild we have three seperate sections (outlines below) each section catering to certain RP preferences.

My Class is Bounty Hunter does this mean I canít join?: No, not necessarily. It has been decided that due to the nature of the guild it does not offer reasonable reason to RP as a Bounty Hunter within it. So to cater to those who still wish to join as the Bounty Hunter class the guild formed 166th Imperial Infantry Unit. With the non-existence of a Trooper class on the Imperial side we will be allowing those who wish to RP a Trooper using the Bounty Hunter class.

Will I need the CE Sith Imperial Trooper Armour?: No, we seek troopers for all occasions. For those who cannot obtain full Trooper armour we will strive to provide an alternative to the set Imperial Trooper armour that will still fit in within the lines of an Imperial unit.

Do I have to wear my Imperial Trooper equipment on guild Operations and Flasppoint runs?: No, if you wish to wear the Imperial Sith Trooper armour with appropiate mods for Bounty Hunters during these events you certainly can. But to remain competitive and able to take part in Ops and Flashpoints you can wear whatever the best armour is for your class and spec.


Followers of Darkness.

Many power hungry Sith serve the Hands of Darkness, be they born of the Sith or those who once walked the path of the Jedi only to fall. From many backgrounds they come, but all share the same dissatisfaction with the galaxyís current political climate. The Sith Warriors and Inquisitors of the Hands seek change in a galaxy they see as corrupt and stagnant. They see themselves as above the common person gifted with the touch of the Force. A gift given to them to help dominate the galaxy, it is theirs to command.

Following the Prophet of Darkness, they are being groomed to become the leaders of the future Sith Empire. Ushering in an age of Darkness that will see only the fittest survive.

Agents of Lanvarok

The Lanvarok intelligence branch of the Hands of Darkness was created in response to the growing concerns of the paranoid leadership who believed it was only time before their presence was no longer tolerated in the great Empire. Keen to make sure they would remain out of the jealous sight Emperor, the Prophet of Darkness searched the galaxy for the Empire's most promising military Officers. Many of these officers soon rallied to the cause of the Hands, agreeing with their ideas that would lead to the final push towards the downfall of the Republic.

Now under the employ of the Hands of Darkness these Officers lead double lives, whilst from the outside they serve the Empire commanding it's vast armies and navies, they also secretly serve the Hands of Darkness undertaking devious missions ensuring the secret agenda of the Hands is not discovered. Intelligence gathering on key Republic personnel who have gotten too close to Hand operations, Assassination of wayward Sith adepts who believe by betraying the Hands to the Empire they can further their own goals, or merely infiltrating governments as a means to bring more resources to the Hands. These are the tasks of the Agents of Lanvarok who serve the Hands of Darkness.

The 166th Imperial Infantry

With the galaxy once more on the brink of War the Hands of Darkness needed to be able to ensure they had loyal soldiers who would willingly fight for them and their cause without fail. And so the Agents of Lanvarok scoured the Galaxy looking for those with exceptional military service, using their internal Imperial powers to re-assign those who met their strigent critera to serve with the unit that would become known as the 166th.

The 166th follow the the Hands of Darkness into battle under the command of powerful Sith Lords and Cunning Imperial agents. No mission is too dangerous for these brave soldiers of the Empire, as they know that what they do today will lead to a better tomorrow for the entire galaxy.


Ranks and Levels in the Guild.

The Outer Circle of Darkness


Newly inducted into the secret society, Neophytes are the lowliest members within the Hands of Darkness, and must pass a series of gruelling tasks before they are allowed to learn the close-guarded secrets of the Hands of Darkness.


The vast majority of the Hands of Darkness membership, they are positioned within various stratum of Imperial and galactic society. Instructed in the teachings of the Hands of Darkness, they collectively conspire to increase dominance of the Sith Empire and the sectís influence over it.


Devoted and dependable, these members have proven themselves worthy of greater trust. Inserted into influential Imperial roles, they hold the further responsibility of spreading the Dark message of the Hands of Darkness, amongst the uninitiated.

The Inner Circle of Darkness

Shadow Guard

Powerful protectors of the clandestine cabal, each has been selected to serve as a personal security force for the Shadow Council. Often found performing an escort function for their superiors, they are rarely deployed to situations other than those which are of great importance to the sect.

Shadow Hand

Chosen champions of the Shadow Council, they are assigned to those matters of essential strategic significance to the Hands of Darkness; often acting as proxy, in ensuring their leaders' will is done.

Shadow Vizier

Stagnation and complacency keep one from truly achieving their goals, they are the greatest threat to any order, and even the Prophet of Darkness is not immune from itís touch. So they have appointed a Shadow Vizier, their closest advisor, but also closest rival. Should the Prophet falter they are to take their place.

Prophet of Darkness

Guided by visions granted by the dark side of the Force, they believe their message will lead to a new golden age of the Sith and Empire. Their say is final in all matters relating to the Hands of Darkness, to go against the prophets words is heresy.
Darth Derriphan
"Treachery is the way of the Sith."
The Hands of Darkness: the first SW:TOR EU based Sith RP Guild