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I wish you'd do it Saturdays at 3 EST xD

Well on the social part, that's online gaming. We've had worse behavior and Firearms 2.5 for HL1 and I was a big part of it, the talk on /1 is a baby birthday compared to that. Usually it's not as ugly as it might seem, it's just a part of keeping yourself busy while being bored. Fact is, the more players you get on a server, the more "bads" you will see and insulting them in warzones is not gonna help.

I myself freak out in warzones from time to time after you've had enough of no teamplay and stuff, but best is to try to stay calm and try to get the team to work together. We turned a novare this morning (my time) from 50ish - 4% to 0 - 4% win. That's how you do it. ^^

My game runs again worse then ever which won't change if I don't transfer one day, but hopes are that a new gfx card will do the trick and f2p will get more players into the game so that I can do PVE as well one day.

I like playing on a US server, gives me a break from all that EU crap.
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