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For me, it was when i finally got to chose the Advanced Class for My Sith. I decided to go with Sith Assassin, and off I went on my merry way.

It took me about 10 levels until I realised that the strange bag that appeared in my inventory was full of the items I needed to become the Assassin....
I didn't realize that way past 10 levels for my Smuggler. I think I was almost to level 30 by the time I noticed that and that was because I had started a second alt and figured it out when I got to it then. I had to switch back to my Smuggler to see what I missed in his pack.
I sort of blame that on the packs not listing info about "Right Clicking to Open".

I am not to sure what my biggest fail in SWTOR is. I sort of mess up around every corner.

There was one mission I kept messing up on. I kept knocking the boss off the platform to his death so I could not get the mission loot he had. He kept re-spawning a few times before I realized that he had something I needed to complete that mission.
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