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09.24.2012 , 12:03 PM | #181
They would have a lot more subs if they had the following:

1) Real open-world PvP with real objectives to fight over that meant something.
2) Less "story-on-rails" approach to leveling combined with no duel-spec.
3) Ignoring class balancing issues because of some type of "standard" metric they use; instead of using a metric like what is most/least used in PvP/PvE as a guide to what is over/under powered. Players know far better what is over/under powered than some standard metric. FOTM has become FOTYear and they nerf under-powered classes. (as an example, another game recently announced nerfs/buffs based upon upon what players were doing...if 80%+ of the players spec'd a certain way they have improved the benefits of the other spec's, because players know and adapt to what works and what doesn't).
4) Less stunning and crowd-control; instead they make it easier to stun/CC people.
5) Server mergers were done months after most servers had already died.
6) Used an optimized engine that allowed for greater # of players without dramatic change in frame-rate collapse.
7) Implemented a LFG tool and PvP rankings at the beginning of the game.

Each one of these 7 things have driven off lots of players (i'm sure there might be a few others, but overall I'd say those 7 capture the vast majority of the reasons people left). While almost every MMO losses players after release, the game has lost tons of players in about 6-12 months. While I wouldn't know for sure, I'd venture a guess that the game has probably lost 75% of its initial/highest population.

There's probably no way to fix issue #2, but they could allow for duel-spec. No way to fix #5 and #7 since both already happened and now they seem to be on the ball a bit more. The other 4 things could be fixed. Ilum still remains a mess and nobody seems to know the timetable of fixing it (also need to optimize the Hero engine for this to work....probably why it wont happen for a long time). Class balance on a standardized metric is failing them horribly (just watch general chat on who is wanted for Ranked PvP to get a sense of what is overpowered and underpowered...not hard). With the nerfs to overpowered classes, they could also nerf CC or make resolve fill up faster.