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Name of Event: Hand of Ka-Shem PvP Tournament
Name of Host (Guild or Player): Pax Imperius
Faction (Republic/Empire/Both): Both
Date: September 29th 2012
Time: 10PM EST - Karagga Statue on Nar Shaddaa
Type of RP event: RP/PvP
Additional Information (Background of RP or rules of event): Spectators from both factions welcome


With the Capture of Master I’nana and her subsequent escape from Pax Imperious’ secret interrogation facility, a void has been left in Mortalya’s consciousness. What was supposed to have yielded information that would turn the tides of war, now leaves even greater questions? Visions, dreams of figures unknown to the sorceress plague her meditations and prevent her form slumber. Now Mortalyas resolve has reached new depths as she embarks on a pilgrimage of Darkness


Long had it been that Mortalya heed the demands of anyone. Far in a distant past she was but slave girl in servitude to a repugnant Hutt. She had always felt a deeper power, like an itch just beneath the surface. Finally, boiling to surface, in fit a blind force rage she had destroyed any remnants of life in the place of her captivity. But that was long ago. Pax imperius was much less involved in her methods, concerned more with results. Much of her energies in recent years have been spent applying her dark sorcery to the interrogation of captives and prisoners of war. Extracting information from their sub conscious memories, that which they are unwilling to give. This was her specialty. Mortalya had spent a great deal of time with I’nana and had uncovered much. Although Master Solis was powerful indeed, the information relinquished during their sessions was confusingly ambiguous at best. Mediation has always been a staple of Mortalya’s success in discerning the mosaic of mental images extracted from her subjects. Allowing her to recover the pieces of a greater puzzle and discern their purpose for the gains of the Dread Lord. Desperately trying to make sense of the cryptic chaos she had extracted from the recess of the jedi’s mind, she has spent countless hours of solitude.

Slipping comfortably into the fabric between the force and reality, she could hear whispers, “Seek out my hand, let its guidance deliver you into clarity”. Grasping deeper into the force a vision began to emerge, the ghostly specter of a powerful Sith Lord, responsible for the very foundation of Pax Imperius.

“Lord Ka-Shem”, Mortalya gasped in surreal astonishment.

“Silence child, open your mind to me, and allow your thoughts to be enveloped in my will”, thundered Clan Ka’s legacy.
“I have seen much in your future Mortalya, your work has produced tremendous results, but it is just the beginning”.
“You now posses all that you require form Master I’nana Solace. With this you can shake the very core of the galaxy and crush our enemies.”
“Among your ranks is one truly worthy of my legacy. You will need the aid this one in your endeavor."
“My Legate cannot be chosen by name alone, but must be forged in the fires of single combat”.
“Go forth in my name, Scour the galaxy for the most powerful among you. See that they are tested against one another, ensuring that only the strongest of them rises form the ashes to claim my title….
The Hand of Ka-Shem

Clarity began to drape across Mortalya's conscious mind as she inhaled deeply. The vision of Ka-shem began to whisper as it faded back into the force

"Such is the way you will swell our ranks and create an army of War Hounds."
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