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09.24.2012 , 11:21 AM | #25
Another fail from me that happened not too long ago. We are in Taral V flashpoint HM. Easy peasy. I'm in there with a fairly newb group who are just getting HMs started. I'm the vet telling them what to do etc. etc. even though I'm Sent dps. We get to a confrontation with Elite Robots. The tank marks the mobs and we start the fight. The tank yells "gear!" I reply "nah man, I'm good." The tank yells "gear!" again and I say "don't worry about it. good gear will drop for you." We survive the fight and I'm wondering why the tank wanted to talk in the middle of the attack. And... as I'm looking at the dead mobs.... I notice that one dead elite robot has a GEAR marker. Only then did I realize the tank was telling me to CC the robot! Embarrassed.... I apologized to the group. Everyone laughed, including me.... but mine was half hearted.