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Interesting. Thanks to the OPer. I initially thought this was another flame thread but I think the idea is stupid things we've done...

Honestly, I think understanding the Healing, Tanking, Damage role was the toughest for me. I play RPGs all the time, but not really online ones (and didn't often group) so most of "fails" involve me interacting with the more experienced online players.

For example, during the Rakghoul Plague, I was helping out some players get their containment officer title an hour or so before the event ended (last chance really) and fighting a world boss. A group of imperials kept taunting the boss away from the battlefield and it would reset. So we'd have to do the same thing back to them...

Anyways, the players (most of them lower level than me) kept telling me to taunt the boss so I literally starting typing in taunts to it . ha ha ha! I had no idea I had a "taunt" power.

Happy ending, we defeated the imperials and got the title.

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