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I just started a Twi'lek Jedi and, once I got to the Twi'lek village, ended up thinking there was a bit of a short-falling with the storyline here. I suppose I can see why the villagers might have some animosity toward the Jedi as a whole, and thus treat your character as an outsider. Sure, why not. However, why should your character, being a Twi'lek, be thinking of THEM as 'aliens'. THAT doesn't make much sense.

Shouldn't there be racial specific conversation lines so you don't end up with weird options, like your character being able to call them 'stupid aliens' when they're the same species?
I thought along the same lines, but you also have to consider that since you are often removed from your family at a very young age, you grow up in the Jedi culture and are alien to them.

Similar to having an American being brought to the Middle East to grow up and be educated, and then come back to the US. You will be seen as an outsider even though you are an American.
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