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yes, you are quite right, tanking is not quantum physics or playing metal. You do not need a doctorate to play nor do you need years of practice.

It's a game, it's meant to be easy. Yet, you have people like the OP that think it's too hard, and people like the one above think it's too easy, the trick here is finding the right balance.

The poster above me mention DPS rotation and tank switch, but the role the tank go farther than that. There is no doubt in my mind that the above poster is a good player, but maybe not a good teacher. DPS rotaion for a tank must be automatic, a tank must go through his rotation without thinking. It is ok if he makes mistake in the rotation, if he use telekinetic throw with only 2 stacks of harnessed shadow, use project without proc, his job is not to maximize dps output, though it's good if he does.

While dps role is just that, go through their rotation while avoiding stuff on the ground, the tank role is far more important.

A tank (good one that is) must be aware of his surrounding, his position and those of is teammate. He must anticipate and react. When positioning a boss, he minds that there will be dps behind the boss. is there are mezzed mob, you can use slow time but not force breach, don't forget kick, stun. He does look at the combat zone, aware of the position of every raid member, aware of the strat, he also watch closely his own life because of his role, he is meant to take a punishement and may very much die, not from hiw own mistake, not from an aoe he miss to avoid, but simply because the boss deal more damage than he receives heal. he must be ready to use defensive cooldown.
And yes, knowk back are part of his awareness and anticipation.

PS: and by the way WoW warrior tank rotation is
Shield slam // Revenge // Devastate while maintening long cooldown debuff (thunderclap and demo shout), that 5 key that will be the only one you need to clear all the raid content in highest difficulty mode.
Some tank throw in shockwave with 3 stack of thunderclap, but it isn't necessary really. How simple is that?
I don't even begin to talk about paladin or druid rotation.

PS2: you forget dark ward in your rotation.
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