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As we mentioned a while back, in lieu of the written weekly Q&A (which we removed due to player feedback), we've increased our DAILY communication on the forums. As an example, please take a look at the Dev Tracker, which is full of useful developer answers as delivered by Allison Berryman.

This livestream Q&A's specific goal is to talk specifically about Game Update 1.4 and the new Free-to-Play option coming out later this Fall. Have any other questions? Ask them in the forums and if they are well-constructed questions, your chances of being answered by our developers will increase substantially. Keep in mind that there is always a limit as to what can be discussed, so we won't be able to answer every single question.
I've asked a lot of "well-constructed" questions both all over the forum and in the previous Q and A's and never got s single answer than maybe "Sorry, we have no information on that." The reason we wanted the previous Q and A removed is because you chose only to answer the easy questions and not the ones that we wanted most, like when you blatantly ignored weeks of people asking about the same sex question. It was never something I cared about but it it made up like 1 out of every 3 questions and you still ignored it.

Finally, the Q and A de-evolved into basically telling us that you wouldn't answer anything that wasn't about things that have already been released or an upcoming patch once it had been announced. IOW, nothing we really cared about knowing because you pretty much already told us. Now, you come on with this crap and give us the same exact restrictions like you're FOX news asking questions for an upcoming Romney interview.

Sorry, but I don't care about your favorite color and I don't need to ask questions about stuff you've already told us everything about.

I want to know about when the paid transfers are coming. Chat bubbles? Level cap increase?! If you can't answer these questions yet, then you have no credibility.

You want to impress this community, start answering the questions in the Suggestions area, or as many have come to know it, the place where hard questions and ideas go to die.
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