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Name of Event: The Smugglers' Ball
Name of Host: The Thirteenth Legion
Faction: Both
Date: October 6, 2012
Time: 10pm server
Location: Nar Shaddaa, Lower Promenade, northern party barge
Type of RP event: RP shindig
Additional Information (Background of RP or rules of event):

((Even though this is called the Smuggler's Ball, you do not have to be a Smuggler to come! Anyone is welcome - it's up to you how you received such an invitation. The write up is below. Please contact Ismene on Republic side or Noor on Imperial side for questions. ))

It used to be that once in a rare conjunction, when the currents of trade and the balance of credits earned to credits owed were just right, a rare kind of gathering occurred directly under the noses of those it would piss off most. Called the Smugglers' Ball, it was the party to end all parties: where old scores were settled, trade routes claimed or lost, and new alliances were formed - sometimes for just the night.

If you asked an older Captain about the Smugglers' Ball, they might smile a little knowingly. They might claim that it never existed, that such a thing was a legend. And certainly no such thing has happened in recent memory.

The rumors are beginning to pick up, though. Tantalizingly familiar markings are beginning to show up in known locations, each hinting that a gathering is imminent. Cantina chatter is picking up, and the old-timers are getting a certain gleam in their eye, like they know which way the stellar drift is flowing.

And then late one night, this datapad invitation appears:

The Ball Commences
Nar Shaddaa * October 6, 10pm
Northern party barge, Lower Promenade

If you are receiving this message, you are vouched for and invited.
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