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Hate to say it, But that guy does not pllay Objectively, yah its fun to throw people in hazards but not playing Objectively doesnt count on my terms as a good player sure people can put out huge numbers in a game but in the end it depends on which team plays Objectively And Smart

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Hi Reckoner,

I'm just giving a shout out to my nemesis in lowbie PvP, Oba-diah. If you have a problem with people giving shout outs to other players for their awesome abilities maybe you need to re-check the title of the thread. You know, this thread; the one titled "Ebon Hawk PvP Shout-Outs." I'm not here to present empirical evidence as to who the best PvPers on the server are. I'm here to give my boys, and girls, who are a real pain to play against and who demonstrate their awesome skills the mad props they deserve.



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