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09.24.2012 , 05:23 AM | #1
Hello all!

So as far as I understand, we don't have story mode EC and HM/NiM EV/KP/EC part of the group finder due to it being in a higher tier of operations. Are there any plans on implementing these into the group finder? I for one have quite a bit of trouble finding groups for these, as well as a whole lot of other people which just causes a whole lot of spam on the fleet.

I understand that if all level 50s would be able to q for these ops, then there would surely be chaos, starting from fresh level 50s joining, people not with zero knowledge of the fights, etc. How about simply making these operations 'unlockable'?

For example: a person finds a group for, story mode denova lets say, and then successfully completes the operation, therefor he/she unlocks the ability to queue for story mode denova. This way it's not just a whole bunch of inexperienced, under geared people that will be q'ing for a higher tier operation where they could ruin it for everyone else. Or perhaps you have to beat it 3 times to unlock it just to make sure everyone really knows what they're doing.

Not too complicated and straightforward, earn your right to queue for a higher tier operation. Usually I spend half my time unfortunately in this game searching for a group for these operations, so something like this would save a whole lot of time for everyone.

Whatcha guys think?