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09.24.2012 , 03:48 AM | #10
I think the motivation for BW to give out Rakata lies elsewhere. I don't personally mind the looks, it's way down o my priority list, but I understand the concern. BioWare could just roll-back Rakata armorings (still intact in correct piece for an example) to have the set bonus. Now that we've gotten past that: Nevermind the looks. Sole motivation to get have so many operations drop Rakata is to make it easier for people to gear new players in guilds. Instead of it taking weeks, you can now get almost endless supply of Rakata gear, optimize the set and fill up with BH modifications. Like this, you can quickly make more efficient set than that of fresh campaign set would be. I think it's just good that the operation rewards Rakata on easier mode. Like that the difficulty level doesn't outscale people who are not "there yet"and they can get some upgrades and start grinding ec hm. After that, it's TFB HM naturally. All in all, good solution outside the fact that the set bonus doesn't move with Rakata armorings.

EDIT: BW, if you want to be casual friendly, make Rakata rmorings carry the setbonus. Honestly, it seems that would make a lot of people happy.