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**I didn't catch that Hall also wrote the JK storyline. It certainly explains Doc to me, although the rest of the story and companions were really good.**
I'd just like to address this point: I have no issue with Doc's personality. He's a womaniser and far too sure of himself, yes, but that's who he is. There's a bunch of other really interesting stuff going on there (his shady grip on ethics vs his sheer medical genius, for example, and the fact that he really DOES want to help people and do the right thing but just needs reminding every now and then) and I don't have any issue with him being a bit dodgy. He's a sleaze, sure, but even sleazes need love. Or some form of equivalent.

The only issue I see with the matter (and it's a fairly significant issue) is that there's no other option. If he was one option amongst several it'd be a very different matter. My JK thinks he's an awesome guy and a very good friend. But she wouldn't jump him and as there's no other option she spends her time staring at Kira's butt and thinking that perhaps the Force is just telling her 'no, you don't get to be with anyone'.
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