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09.23.2012 , 09:10 PM | #1604
I have been away from this thread for some time and I have some catching up to do. Anyway, the following story is part of a longer story that I had going round in my head for quite some time but never had the time to put down in words. Having seen the prompts about sisterhood/parenthood, it sprang out again and started poking me saying "write me down now!!!"

So, here it is. I do apologise since it is a bit long and, again, part of a longer story. You may see the rest at some point later this week (life permitting). I know I should, maybe, start my own thread with all of this but, unfortunately, I do not have the time required to maintain a thread of my own.

I'll try to keep it short next time.

Prompt: sisterhood (mainly)
Featuring my agent and Lokin. No spoilers that I can think of.