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necroing an old thread because im really having trouble between deciding to level my lowbie sage, or my ls sorc whos almost 40 now. i awlways play the good guy. seriously. i tried making a ds character, i ended up with 900 ds points, and tons of ls points(which is more ds than any of my other chars tho). but i cant decide if my sorc is really the good guy or not. yes shes nice, and if she could defect to the jedi she would(im still hoping they might add this in at some point, even if its just in the story and not actually factionwise, similar to the
. after all, a former member of the dark council became a jedi you find out in the knight story on quesh). she hates sith about as much as my agent does. after all, she was their slave and forced to learn their ways and fight for them. but she still does end up fighting for them, and they are after all, sugar coat it all you want, overall, evil, even tho shes trying to make them not evil, she really knows its a lost cause.

it would be hands down the sage, but im lazy and dont want to do 20+ levels of the same ac over again, even with a different story, and so if i can find some way to justify playing a ls sith, then i would much prefer that. im thinking of rping sort of a sith who has studied the forbidden knowledge of the jedi(shes studied every other forbidden knowledge after all, why not that?), and decided that she believes the jedis philosiphies and the calm style of the lightside are more powerful. But thats just me and how i end up coming up with some reason for everything my chars do, rather than just choosing light or dark options.
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