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Quote: Originally Posted by JovethGonzalez View Post

Additionally, we've seen your concerns about Oceanic server populations and we're going to be evaluating this in the next few days.

We're listening, and I know you've all been patient with us, and for that, I thank you. As soon as I get any update to this, I will let you know here.

Thanks again.
Thanks for the update, Joveth; knowing our concerns have been heard is very reassuring. I'm just putting in my 2c(AUS) worth; it's commendable that you want APAC players to have a choice of servers and play styles, but if the server becomes a ghost-town, then (sorry to state the bleeding obvious here) they don't have that choice.

I love, love, love the ping rate on the APAC servers. I really appreciate that you took the trouble, and I value the improved quality of having local servers over any particular play style. If merging the servers is the best way to get a healthy rate of pops for WZs and the like, it may well be a better option than letting the poor PvPers languish in an empty fleet; after all, even on Gav Daragon, I see frequent WZ pops. There's not a lot of open world PvP that isn't event based and pre-organised anyhow, so I suspect it can be made to work.
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