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09.23.2012 , 04:53 PM | #1626
Oh, writers do interviews. Lead Writer Hall Hood did one for a Torwars podcast last month. Why they never mention SGRs is more of a mystery. It may have something to do with this "approval process", it may be a general NDA, it may be that Mr. Hood simply doesn't care about same-gender content (which, given the Smuggler class as it stands, would not remotely surprise me).

And yes, it was the Gabe Amatangelo interview that cautionsly mentioned Makeb in relation to SGRs.

We are overdue an update. This should have been in at launch and it's omission may have been explained but has never been apologized for. Shabby treatment since is just not helping. Like, at all.

EDIT - I don't think your message is rude, but I might have waited for a weekday, when Allison is more likely to be at work.