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09.23.2012 , 04:41 PM | #1625
I was feeling really rather bored and listless, so I sent a PM to Ms. Berryman on the back of my belief that no one actually reads this thread, let alone pays attention to the content therein. Perhaps not the best frame of mind to be attempting to contact someone in, but I figured I might as well :/

During the Guild Summit it was implied that SGRA's may be available for existing companions. Recently one of the PvP developers (I believe it was a Mister Gabe) said that he believed SGRA's would be available with or around the release of Makeb. Would it possible to get some information on which - if any - current companions will be getting same sex romance options added to their existing romance arcs?

I realise that this question has been asked innumerable times in the SGRA dedicated thread, but as you already know, no one has ever brought any new information to that thread.

Also, why is it that the only hint of confirmation on this subject we have had of late has been from a developer completely unrelated to the project and not, say, one of the writers themselves? Do the writers of SWTOR not conduct interviews or does no one ask to interview them? Could we possibly have a developer blog post from the writers or is that simply out of the question?