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Honostly in a 1v1 fight exar kun could probably stand toe to toe with any of these guys but in this fight a battle royal he will be the first to die.

When you talk about these guys you have to remember to take personallity traits into account even at his prime Kun was arogant and believed himself to be the greatest saber duelist of all time. He was ignorant of Djem so as it had yet to be invented so the moment he sees vader and banes stance he is going to judge them as amatuers using a blaster deflection form (shien) is lightsaber combat. The moment that happens he will go for one of them to start to wipe out "the weak ones" and will quickly be thrown off balance the quick and powerful counter attacks of either person. The moment that happens both Vader and Bane will decend upon him its Djem So's nature to dominate a fight so once he is off balance just count him as dead niether Bane nor Vader will let him recover after this.

Revan though he is the weakest one here is not arogant enough to rush in like that at his prime he will stay back and watch the death of Kun and realize his opponents strength. He will be one to try to team up with either Vader or Bane temporarily to take the other down unfortunately for Revan regardless of the person he teams with that person will just kill him afterwards Revan can't beat either Vader or Bane in 1v1.

Honostly Revan will most likely be the next person to be taken down do largly to both bane's and Vader's experience in the Dun Mash tactic they are probably both going to convince the other to go for Revan as neither of them are foolish enough at this stage to try to take on 2 opponents at once. which means it will come down to a fight between Vader and Bane.

Vader and Bane pretty much use the same style of Djem So and Dun Mash to fight so its pretty much going to come down to who is more powerful so when it comes down to it my prediction is vader while bane is physically strong he is not as strong as vader and while his force feats are impressive most of them are not utilized in combat while all of Vader's force feats were used in combat. Do to this I would give Vader the edge in both physical strength and in combat Force power, and since they are both pretty much the same stylistically this will decide the fight.

Winner= Vader