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These are always amusing so here we go! OK, the first two are mine but the last one isn't. It's still funny, though.

1.) Not realizing what those little triangles over NPC's heads were until after getting so far into my class storyline that the quest level was twice my own. ("Why is this game so hard?!?! Oh...wait...")


3.) My healing ability was severely tested during early release on Tatooine for the Heroic +4 quest where you need to rescue hostages. The quest is around level 24, I was level 26 (the lowest level of the group) and the tank was level 30. I can't remember what the DPS levels were. We'd get in, the tank would pull, I'd let him take and deal some damage to make sure he had aggro, then throw every heal I had at him...except that I would aggro the entire mob of about nine elites immediately after that first heal. I'd die, we'd wipe, and then try a different tactic. Every time, same result. At least a dozen wipes. No matter how much damage the tank did, I'd pull the entire mob off of him after one heal and the group could not pull them off of me. So we go back to Anchorhead and ask for advice in general chat. Here's how the conversation went:

[Tank; General Chat]: Any tips?
[Random player #1, General Chat]: How's your healer?
[Random player #2, General Chat]: What CC are you doing?
[DPS1, GROUP chat]: What's CC?
[DPS2, GROUP chat]: I dunno...lemme ask