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1st place: Shishou / Nezlok

2nd place: Asuna / Akatosh

3rd place: Foodaddy / Jole

See the video's of the event that Sheemie recorded here.

Round 1:
Nekron / vullesh get the buy
Shishou / Nezlok vs. Naena / Lanafear - Shishou / Nezlok advance
Megasin / Danix vs. Asuna / Akatosh - Asuna / Akatosh advance
Nellos / Chukles vs. Blading / Cathulan - Nellos / Chukles advance
Foodaddy / Jole vs. Luigii / Aerico - Foodaddy / Jole advance

Round 2:
Nekron / Vullesh vs. Shishou / Nezlok - Shishou / Nezlok advance
Asuna / Akatosh vs. Nellos / Chukles - Asuna / Akatosh advance
Foodaddy / Jole get the buy

Round 3:
Shishou / Nezlok vs. Foodaddy / Jole - Shishou / Nezlok advance
Asuna / Akatosh get the buy

Round 4:
Shishou / Nezlok vs. Asuna / Akatosh - Shishou / Nezlok win

Hey everyone, this was done a little while back for people from The Harbinger that remember and was tons of fun. So lets do it again now that we have a bunch of new people. You must post here with your teammates name to enter. It took too long to set up the brackets last time, so anyone that doesn't post here will not be able to show up and fight.

WHEN: Sunday 9/30/2012 - 7:30 PM Server Time

WHERE: Outlaw's den - (Gonna have to do some gquit and rejoin to fight guildies)

ENTRY FEE: None, too much of a hassle to collect from both factions.

PRIZES: Bragging rights with first second and third place teams honored in this post after the tournament.

STYLE: Bracket. Each round in the bracket will consist of three fights and best two out of three advances.

CREWSKILLS: Biochem and Cybertech are allowed. Any others as well, but I don't see why that would matter.

COMPANIONS: Not allowed

BUFFS: You are only allowed to be buffed my yourself and your teammate. This is an advantage to those with all 4 classes, but it's the same in a WZ. I'm open to change this if good solutions are proposed, but it was a hassle last time.
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