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Whats Wrong With Your Face
Guild Website:
What we cover: PvP (All aspects), PvE (Minor aspects).
Players we cater for:Full-time, Casual, Family, Kids.
Guild Master: Saedus
Guild Officers: Atrummos, Throes, Forcebringer, Gamblor, Veronika, Hiver, Dangk, Woofi, Timbohh.
In-game Contatcts: Contact anyone within the Guild who will pass your questions or queries up.
Sister Guild: Whats Wrong With Your Face (Republic side, Imperial Alts only so far)
Voice Comms: Ventrillo
Operation Days/Times: Monday
Operation Progression: Minor
PvP/Rated Warzones: Wednesdays & Thursdays Main nights, Fridays & Sundays if we have the numbers.
Recruiting: Yes- Those with a active interest in PvP.
Currently Recruiting: Any & all with a active interest in PvP.
About Us:
We are a large PVP focused Guild who work to better ourselves and our members at PVP alone. We are gearing new members, Learning Warzone Strategy's and working progressively at being valued team members. We are a friendly and social guild, we use vent and encourage all of our members to be involved and join us on Voice comms.
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