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Hey, as long as she doesn't talk lower than Akaavi and look like she could kill The Hulk, and I can see my female toons making out with her, I'm good to go. Tbh, I can't even romance Akaavi with my male smuggler. In spite of Stacy Haiduk (who I've loved ever since The New Adventures of Superboy) I just can't do it. Not into bodybuilder type ladies, here.
I haven't made up my mind on how to handle this on my male Smuggler. He's been so set on getting into Risha's pants since he met her, so I suppose it could be fun to have him completely changing his mind after meeting Akaavi.

But, on the other hand, I do plan to play a female Smuggler eventually, and I wouldn't want to do the same romance twice. That's why I feel I should probably wait for some sort of announcement here, before I progress too far.

And I don't take any more issue with bodybuilder women than bodybuilder men. There's just a limit to how big any person can get before it stops being attractive. (Although, since this is roleplaying, I'd have no problem with doing a romance outside of what I find attractive.)

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First - thanks for clarification. I tried to dig through this thread but it's somewhat of a long read. The KOTOR content you are referring to would be Juhani, I guess. She was supposed to be a female/female romance but it was cut down to a kind of friendship in the end. I don't recall any other SGR options there.
Juhani was my first BioWare romance, sort of. I had been walking down the romance path with Carth, but he creeped me out completely when he made that big public announcement of his love near the end of the game, so I believe I ran back into the Ebon Hawk... and that's where Juhani confessed her feelings for Revan, and Revan got the chance to do the same. It was clearly more than a friendship, but it just ended abruptly after the confession.

That said, it's also implied that Juhani and her fellow padawan Belaya had feelings for each other, which made the Jedi Masters want to keep them apart. In fact, if Revan kills Juhani in the grove on Dantooine, Belaya will turn to the Dark Side and come back for revenge.
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