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Premonition is currently recruiting ALL classes!

We are looking for a few like-minded people to join us in conquering everything SWTOR throws at us! With hard core, top guild raiding experience in WoW (US-Windrunner), FFXI, Rift, and many other games, we're looking for dedicated, reliable players who don't want to sacrifice their lives just to see all content.

Here's some quick information about us:

- We're hardcore when it comes to our performance, but not our schedules. We'll raid three days a week, totaling 9-10 hours. During those times we put our game faces on! Sunday, Monday, Thursday 6:30 PST - 9:30/10 PST We strive for 100% attendance!
- We are reaching a point where we will begin to run our own rated war-zone team! We have many dedicated PvP players and are just missing a few more interested individuals!
-While raiding has been our primary focus, we enjoy and partake in nearly all aspects of MMOs; PvP, group dungeons, silly achievements, crafting, theorycrafting - we don't hold back.
-When we aren't raiding we hang out. Be it sitting in guild chat, looking at the forums at work or talking on teamspeak, we like to socialize and game together.
-We enjoy playing our games and band together to try and accomplish as much within those games as we can. As a team, we strive to defeat the hardest bosses, master our classes, and have a great time with friends while doing so.

So, who are we looking for?
We want players who are looking to be a dedicated member of an active guild!

-You must be 18 years or older.
-Microphone & headset are required for raids as well as our interviews for applicants. We never require people to yap our ears off, but we want you to be able to speak directly when necessary! Plus, nothing beats the collective scream on teamspeak as a boss is finally downed.
-You must be able to adhere to our schedule if interested in raiding. With only 9-10 hours raiding a week, we aren't asking for much time. Also, we like to keep our team tightly knit - the less people we have to have on a bench, the more everyone gets to play together.
-You must enjoy having a good time and hanging out with friends. Seriously, this is important; we don't run a business here, we're looking for fun people to game with and progress through SWTOR together.

Interested? We'd love to hear from you!

Please feel to reach us through our official forums or send a private message. We look forward to hearing from all interested applicants!

Thank you!

For more information or to apply, please visit
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