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That's because they're all stacking Endurance. I can see it being useful for an Assassin, but more than like 28k for a PT is a bit overboard, you lose too much mitigation. Sure time to kill increases but there's nothing in-game atm to warrant needed such a large TTK.

I've said all I need to say in my last post about why Juggs are still very useful and others inc healers have said their piece, yet you're still unconvinced. As for why people prefer a PT or Assassin in their group...just like others mentioned, its because most people have had bad experience with Jugg.

And why have most people had bad exp? Cause its a difficult class to play, but there's too many morons out there who can't play their class properly. I don't know about Assassins, they seem to have a lot of control, but speaking from a PT point if view...its such an easy class to play. You got like 6 main buttons and a few cooldowns. Since its so easy to play you're less likely to run into bad powertrchs.
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