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As a vanguard using the shield/absorb looks good, but when I swap out the pvp relic I loose a heap of defence, so I end up using the defence click relic (even though the duration should be 10seconds longer)

Also, I have read that using the absorb proc relic with the shield/absorb click causes some righteous DR, making the def click relic better if using the absorb proc.

Or would using 2 click relics be better in these damage spike fights? that would give 2 relics to rotate in with defensive cool-downs for kephess' last phase. The shared cool-down would be up on the the 2nd relic in time, meaning a relic would be up for the first and third tank swaps.
Dual clicky relics is arguably the least useful option as they share a CD. If you're going to run clickies, pick one type for the fight and run a passive or proc relic in the other slot.

Back to the absorb proc relics. I don't like them because:
- They only increase mitigation on attacks that would already be mitigated anyway (its the ones you don't mitigate that kill you).
- You can't control when they proc (same reason I hate the healing proc relic, no point if it procs when I top off a DPS).
They're still completely viable and great for increasing your mean mitigation, but IMO they help your healer rather than actually keeping you alive.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kitru View Post
Kephess forces you to use tank swaps, which diminish the value of the passive relics in favor of the use relics. When you're not on Kephess, you don't have the benefit. When you are on Kephess, roughly every other time, you'll have that use proc up to bolster your survivability (meaning that the uptime goes up from 25% to roughly 50%, which definitely favors it over the passive). Whenever you're not tanking something, or are tanking something that ignores your defense, the passive relics are progressively less useful the longer you're on said target and the more useful the use relics become, assuming that you're going to switch back to a situation wherein the tank stats *are* useful.
The clicky relics become more useful every time the fight reaches a 3 minute threshold (aka, they come off CD). Every time the fight drags on past that point they go down in effectiveness. A 3:30 fight favours a clicky relic while a 2:50 fight favours the passive. All that assumes that the relics are used on CD to increase mean mitigation and not held as an extra CD. If you need an extra CD the relics are great for that but if you are using them to increase your mean mitigation (in a stand and take it fight) then the passive ones are (IMO) better - set and forget.

Again: if the fight has predictable (and unavoidable) high damage phases, the clicky relic comes out ahead. Pure math indicates that fights with partial uptime (tank swaps or breaks in combat) also favour the clickies, but I still prefer passive relics for these. Why? If I have a clicky relic I use it like an extra CD and not to increase mean mitigation.