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i suppose if Story TFB would drop 61 level gear, it would need to have the same difficulty as Hard Mode Denova, which not what bioware want. So it's kind of logical to have it drop rakata level gear if the difficulty is comarable to Story Denova.

That being say, it's a shame bioware did not introduce side grade gear. Gear level 58, but with different look (even it it's a recolor of the rakata) and different stats distribution.

The new operation will drop black hole comm i suppose; is there any new gear on the black hole gear vendor?
Even just a set of gear with a unique look would be fine. Schems...a bunch of vehicles...a ton of crafting mats...anything but rakata, tionese of columi. Way too many things drop rakata now. Particularly considering how bad the optimization is (for some acs, worse than columi for hps and dps).

Personally, I'd prefer that it drop individual 63 mods and enhancements (2 random per boss), considering how mind-bogglingly terrible the itemization in the dread guard set is and how irritatingly long it would take to correct it with redundant drops (marauders need, like, 8 belts each). That way, at least there's a quicker method to correct what they've done wrong with the base gear. But I know people would complain.