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From a healing and personal experience perspective, I have a few comments about tanks in this game.

Shadow/Assassin - Because they have self-healing, several amazing defensive CD's, stealth, and a mez there are a ton of players playing as one of these, which also means that there are a lot of bad players playing these classes. If Shadow/Assassin tanks are played correctly, then they are the best tank in the game, especially when it comes to utility. Shadow's/Assassin's have superior group and average single target threat generation. They really put out sub-par damage though. When it comes to an Ops group, these are must have for their utility.
Amazing Avoidance/Sub-par Mitigation

Guardian/Juggernaut - Without a doubt in my mind, they are the best single target tanks in the game. When spec'd/geared properly, they can output an average amount of damage and can really take a beating while allowing healers to heal improperly positioned DPS or heal through ops mechanics. When it comes to a large number of mobs, these tanks really need to use LoS or other tactics to get all mobs grouped up together and use their 1 AE taunt and 1 decent threat generating AE attack wisely; or better yet, just leave the AE tanking to the Shadow/Assassin in the group. When it comes to an Ops group, these tanks are never a necessity, but they can be very helpful.
Average Avoidance/Average Mitigation

Vanguard/Powertech - These tanks typically have the most health in the game and they also have a ton of shield chance/absorption making healing them easier than Guardian's/Juggernaut's and slightly less easy than Shadow's/Assassin's. Of all of the tanking classes, Vanguard's/Powertech's put out the most damage and have a very powerful cone attack for keeping threat on a group of mobs. When it comes to an Ops group, these tanks are typically only desirable if you're hurting for an extra 150-300 dps over the other tanks on boss fights. Although, there are a few Vanguard's/Powertech's out there that are truly amazing at their class and will make you want to bring them over the other tank classes.
Sub-par Avoidance/Amazing Mitigation

My opinion for best tanking duo is Shadow/Assassin and a Guardian/Juggernaut or two Shadow/Assassin tanks. I have healed every tanking make-up there is, but I just like healing this duo. The absolute worst time healing I've ever had was when we had a Vanguard "main" tank with just over 30k health. He was obviously missing a lot of other stats and thought that his health alone would make him an amazing tank.