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Quote: Originally Posted by Gritfiend View Post
Endurance Tank = Fail Tank
100% correct.

I recently was brought into another guilds run to heal a HM EC.

Their "main" tank was super squishy and I had to heal them a LOT more than the tanks in my guild on the same pulls - fights.

They had a good 2-3k more endurance than the tanks in my guild.

The tanks in my guild have a good 200 - 300 more defensive stats.

I parsed a boss fights and compared it to one of the fights I parsed with my guild.

I had to heal the endurance stacking tank almost 100k more over the course of the fight vs. what I have to heal my guilds tanks.

That is 100k of wasted heals.

Any tank that is stacking endurance over mitigation is making their healers work a lot harder than they should have to.

24-25k is plenty of health for the content we currently have.

Look instead at your total combined defensive stats.

If you are not @ 1,500-1,600 in total combined defensive stats you are doing it wrong.
(1,600 - 1,700 with one pvp relic, 1,700 - 1,800 with two)