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Ok, here is another one of those threads where the OP has a legitimate complaint, yet there are people that come out of the wood work to tell the OP that he is wrong.

You guys are going against EVERYTHING that is said in game. Jugg Tanks are the least desired Tanks in any Ops run. Regardless of how your personal Tank performs. There is a reason for this. The player base in game don't just decide these kinds of things because it just happens to be some type of popular belief. He has a point, even if his point is not worded with proper English, his point still stands.

You guys on the boards can pretty much claim whatever you like. Your claims are not going to change the popular opinions of the in game player base.

So you say that you prefer a Jugg on your teams? You say a Jugg is completely on par with all the other Tank Classes? Tell that to almost anyone you talk to in game.
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