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This is a big discussion I have been having and was wondering what you people thought would be the result.

All of them in their primes.

I see it as very clearly in Exar Kun's favour, with others claiming Kun hasn't beaten any 'high profile adversaries'.
Singlely, Kun wipes them out.

If its no team and every man for himself.

Vader is the first to go down. Yeah, even though he is the 2nd strongest there the way I see it, Kun "persuades" Revan(Most Likely) or Bane to team up with him and attack Vader. Then Kun kills Bane, and then goes for Revan.

And We all know Vader has too much of an ego(suit and out of suit) to team up...

Edit: Even though Kun doesn't need help against Vader, Revan or Bane would feel Kun is on their side. And then bam..

P.S. I think Kun could take them both out at the same time but if he couldn't I think what I said is how it would go.
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