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09.22.2012 , 03:21 PM | #4
I pretty much always use a WH Shield+ Campaign Shield booster, as when the proc kicks in, it jumps me from 70% to 77.5% absorb, which is almost 25% less damage taken per shield while it's up.

I'm trying to think what Fights burst a ton of white damage at you. Jarg loves to beat the snot out of me on our NM runs, but that's mostly as my Shields aren't a great deal of help against him. It would be nice on Crusher, whose pretty tame outside his frenzy moments, and that's what I used to do before the WH relic's came out, as use it combined with oil slick as a mini CD in between power shields.

EC would be similar, as Toth's Berserk can hurt, and I'm not getting any benefits from Shields with Zoth, so less advantage for the always on relics. Same thing on Tanks, but Firebrand doesn't really have much burst to worry about at all. Kephess could be a big one, but he's more or less always in perma kick my *** mode, with no real spike phase, so I prefer the always on effects there, as while it'll help this time, next time I swap back in, i'll miss that 3.5% shields.