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Everyone secretly wishes their class is the best despite claiming they just want it to be balanced :P

End of the day, the dev quotes from that interview speak for themselves. First you thought PTs and Ssins had knockbacks, which we dont. Secondly, Sins have a pull, Juggs have a charge, PTs have both.

Again I agree they may lack one or two utilities, but these are the things that make classes different. They are the most balanced though, and I genuinely do believe a great player playing a Jugg vs an equally great player playing a Sin or PT will perform just as well in most scenarios.

And about HP. Cba explaining why some feel high HP is prefferred wheras others prefer achieving maximum mitigation, but for example, my main is a PT tank. Apart from Orange Belt and Bracers I'm pretty much BiS gear. I have 25k hp, 20.1% Defense, 54% Shield and 58% Absorb.

Currently my spec has the Flame Burst and Rocket Punch talents chosen to produce higher damage and threat, and my gear is pretty balanced but favouring mitigation. Which is pretty much fine for farming current content.

Prior to Terror from Beyond coming out, I plan to drop the extra damage talents to get the 3% Endurance (which is like 700 hp) and trading a couple of Augments or Enhancements to boost my buffed HP to about 27k. Going beyond that seems like too much of a loss in mitigation, even for progression content. Increasing the time-to-kill is great, but too far down any side of the spectrum is gonna be worse than balance.

You said you have 26k HP, that's more than satisfactory. Stop worrying about the HP, I understand that looking at HP is often used as a measure of how well geared a tank is, but only a naive player would solely judge a player on their HP value.

As for the tools, as I said, they have some. Look at your defensive cooldowns for example, Juggs are the ideal tanks for situations where heavy cooldowns are required to survive phases of extremely high damage (Think Toths Bezerk phase etc).
They lack a CC, not a big deal. They lack a pull, something which is useful for trash in PvE but not very useful for boss-fights, which is what matters. They lack ranged damage, well that's just something you gotta deal with. As for PvP, yeah the pull is quite useful there, as are ranged attacks. But in return you have Guardian Leap or Intercede, a truly awesome skill in Huttball for example. Also useful in PvE and PvP such as getting out of an AoE by leaping to a teammate.

Without sounding rude, you're focusing too much on your class' negatives without taking into account all of the class' positives. If you still refuse to see that your class is very useful, then I don't know what else to say other than roll an Assassin or PT then. Juggs could use a small tweak sure, but nothing major. They're quite close overall to the other two tank classes. And as I said before, tanks are most likely the most balanced classes in the game compared to the differences in DPS classes and Healers.
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