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I do think the defence/immortal tree needs some love.

Freezeing force is useless, get rid of it.

Guardian Slash really is under whelming for the "defence cap" skill and many guardian tanks don't even bother with it.

I'd also suggest putting Unremitting into defense (how many guardian tanks have leapt at something, gotten stun and lost agro to ranged DPS as a result?)

guardians/Juggs aren't utterly useless by any means, but they could really use some love.
Freezing force is useful for voidstar and huttball, completely useless in pve.

I disagree about guardian slash, they changed it in 1.3. I get mad when I see Guardian tanks and do not use it. Let me show you why:

After 1.3 they added Purifying Sweep which now can now add 4 stacks of armor reduction. They lowered the damage of Guardian Slash, but it now can strike 2 more people when the person you are targeting is affected by 5 stacks of armor reduction. Standard and weak enemies are knocked down and it generates high threat. I have tanked with a Powertech and a Sith Assassin, but Guardains have been my favorite class to tank with since that 1.3.

With the relic that gives a 50% chance of sheilding, I do not have to use blade storm as soon I start a fight. When going into a large group I use Force Leap, Force Sweep to the group, Sundering Strike so my target has 5 stacks of armor reduction and then Guardian Slash.
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