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I am here, but only till my subscription runs its course. I am from ORDII, one of its founding members in fact. I just cancelled my subscription, I had to think it over for about a week, and I tried to give them feedback. I did actually copy my statement in my cancellation. I hope someone reads it, but then, even if they did, what good will it do? I have never tried to sound bitter about a game, but I suspect the ship is currently rudderless. There is no one out front (at least visably) leading this ship. Anyway, here is what I gave to SWTOR in my cancellation feedback box. Does anyone else agree? Disagree?
I am sorry. I have stayed on with SWTOR despite the ups and sadly the downs. I love this game, but there just isn't anything else to do for someone who enjoys the storyline. I can't see the endgame raids when there is no one raiding. My guild has fallen apart, and all of my real life friends have left the game months ago.
I want to leave the game while I still like it and hope something draws me back. However, one can only repeatedly play the same content so much . And not to sound bitter; I have watched SWTOR break it's word over and over and over about new content... it's coming.... soon (that is a relative term, and frankly I am sick of it, not just in SWTOR, but industrywide.)
I know you're a victim of your hype train, that what you promised didn't quite turn out and that you are trying to fix it, which is why I stayed on so long, but I keep seeing something akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Player loss is beyond staggering, the community has left. My friends have left and frankly, given EA's lack of support, my heart has left this game I so, so wanted to love.
I know this is not especially wonderful feedback, but I don't know what to say that isn't unrealistic at this point. I would really like to see someone that remains at Bioware stand up and TELL US what in the hell is happening, give us some firm idea what is coming other than some nebulus 'well, we will give you more content every six weeks.' We don't even know what "content" means. That is to say; why would I risk my money on a company that, quite frankly, has brought no new real content to the game in 5 months.
Maybe under new leadership things will turn around. I have despised what forum trolls have done to this game, the bad mouthing, wishing for failure to give them some sort of vindication. I don't wish that for SWTOR, I just want it fixed so I might come back and fall in love all over again. But until then, I just can't give you any more of my money.
Cheers and God Bless