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I do agree that we do not have the population of other servers in America and Europe, but I do not see the problem with population on Gav Daragon. I regularly see 20 or so lv50s on the rep fleet and know there are many more (at-least twice this number on other planets). So where is the problem of population the max number of players you can have in an ops group is 32 so with these numbers it would theoretically be easy to finish flashpoints/operations (I know most have not got the gear to complete hard mode but it is our job to help them get there). This does come from the view point of someone under lv50 but I do help the lv50s in my guild (chaos squad). a fellow lv 50 from Gav Daragon.I strongly disagree with you.Pop on other planet is not even 10 or 5 (usually lower than 5) while the imp fleet never have more than 20 without peak time.PVP situlation is even worse i que from 18.00-23.00 only to play 2-3 game PVP. IT s too much i can t even save up WZ com anymore.(in case you dont know a pvp is sperate between 1-49 and 50 and since we have few 50 who actually play we even get less PVP.) and Flashpoint is dead.I rarely see anyone chat in general that they need someone for flashpont and even if i see one i still see him pose the same thing for almost an hour till he gives up.The game is unplayable for LV 50 right now for gav daragon we can t PVP we can t Flashpoint or Hm we don t have anything to play.WE need more POP by anymean necessary. AND NOW or SOON !!

but um...look at it again maybe i think you just try to wanna be an oppositon of somekind from the majority or something like that for trolling purpose..well...then NVM.