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09.21.2012 , 09:19 PM | #7
My stats R 30/50/50 Hp less then 25k buffed and stimed I not saying I suck or that Jugs R weaker Im saying we should hav the same Hp as the other tanks there R many Fights were the tank can out of range of a healer or there no time 2 heal and And most in judging how good a tank is Looks at Hp ( I kno this just dumb but its True) But the other thing I said besides Hp is what sucks the most.

The Skills is where I feel like im less useful like pull and maybe a skill that makes the jug more useful Ive bin many ops/fp were ppl has said I wish we had a powertech or assassion for there PULL or assassion for the out of Combat CC, Ivr never heard I wish we had a Jug for there _______ skill.