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Can you expound on the design philosophy of the three tank Advanced Classes. Specifically, what is unique about each class, what makes them the tank that they are?

Austin: Philosophically, I want each tank to be competitive with the others but have a different feel. Overall, I’m fairly pleased with how close we are to that goal.

Vanguards and Powertechs are the sturdiest and toughest, passively, of the tanks. We want these tanks to feel like super soldiers, soaking up damage and using the latest shielding technology to survive.

Shadows and Assassins are the most evasive of the tanks, but they aren’t full-blown “evasion tanks,” at least not in the sense that they “dodge or die.” While a lot of their survivability comes from avoidance, they also use self-healing and high shield rates to stay competitive.

Guardians and Juggernauts fall somewhere in between the other tanks. They strike a balance of mitigation and avoidance, with a complement of maintained active defenses. I want Guardians and Juggernauts to feel tough, but they’re not super soldiers like Troopers and Bounty Hunters, and it just wouldn’t be right if they weren’t deflecting and parrying a lot of incoming attacks with their lightsabers.
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