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You are truly misinformed if you believe that HP is the sole best stat behind a tank. Sure, a tank that can take a lot of hits is always a good thing when there are so many different occasions that require your healers to move around. But the best tank stats are damage mitigation entirely. When it comes to stuff like this, Juggs are actually one of the better tanks in the game, even though as said they can be difficult to play correctly.

When it comes to Juggernaut tanks, what you are looking for in terms of tanking stats are the 30/50/50 minimums. I am sure that if you have looked into tanking stats at all, you will have seen this somewhere. Of course you can always go higher than this, but this is the minimum to have for decent mitigation.

What the 30/50/50 rule stands for is 30% defense chance, 50% shielding chance, and 50% absorption rating. These are all must haves. A tank that has even 5% less in all stats and has really high HP is no where near as good as this model. The more you get hit, the more of a heal sink you are which makes end game HM content a real drag on your healers.

Juggs achieve this stat with just standard gearing, whereas an example of an Assassin tank, they need to regularly use an ability called Dark Ward which costs force to keep their shield chance about 50%. I have a sin tank, even with the campaign set bonus my Shield chance is as 40% without DW while Defense is 35 and absorption is 60. A sin that has 35/60/60 is pretty solid from my experience, and the Juggernauts when Min/max can achieve this same stat base.

Powertechs on the other hand are all shield based, while they do have cd's that allow them to up their defense chance it really is all about how much damage they can absorb off of hits from what I have seen. Though I have yet to play the PT/Vanguard Tank.

Bottom line, Juggs are really good tanks and one of the hardest to kill in end game raids. If you really feel like you suck compared to other tanks, you are doing something wrong. A High HP does not make a good tank.

Jugg HP when Min/max 23-24k
Sin HP Min Max 25-26k

Neither of these are 32K + even with a rakata medpac
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